1940’s Iran, a time where the country was ruled by a monarch, progress was being made and alliances around the world were being formed, a time of growth and expansion to help bring the country from a third world status to a first world status. Where you could find nightclubs, burlesque shows, wrestling venues, and just places to have a drink and socialize with friends.

This was well before the Islamic Republic took over the country by force in the 1970’s. A place where a man could grow his career and become one of the most influential wrestlers that ever entered the WWF ring. Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri or to most of the world “The Iron Sheik” became a multiple time amateur wrestling champion of Iran; a personal bodyguard for the Shah of Iran; a coach for the gold winning U.S.Olympic Gold wrestling team; a villain that was criticized throughout the WWE, a man who was addicted to drugs (a life choice he made that led him to losing his wife and two daughters).

Like most documentaries, the filmmakers followed a tried and tested formula by portraying: early life, struggles, successes, failures, heartbreaks and then the climb back to the top. Showing us that he’s again a loving husband, father and grandfather, that he’s been clean and sober for years and that he is now a YouTube and Twitter sensation.

Please understand that these are just mere highlights of this fascinating man’s long excursion from his triumph to his collapse. This documentary does an incredible job of presenting “The Shiek’s” story, not only through his own eyes, but also through the eyes of many others. Individuals were able to give insight into the life of this man and they were also able to elaborate on how his persona becamse such a huge part of his career.

So, if you haven’t already watched “The Shiek,” don’t be a jabroni. Step into the ring and try to understand the complexity and sheer brilliance of this inspirational man. Seriously, stop whatever bullshit Fullerhouse episode you are on at the moment and watch the interesting, inspiring story of Hossein Khosrow All Vazirl, “The Iron Shiek,” and hopefully you will be left with a better understanding of his intelligence, integrity, intensity, and most importantly, his influence.

Jacob Gallegos

Jacob Gallegos is an artist, father, writer, actor and avid comic book reader.

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