If you are a skilled painter and huge Van Gogh fan and want to be apart of a movie that may change cinematic history, “Loving Vincent” is currently recruiting painters to train in van Gogh’s style and contribute to the epic vision. Those selected will train and work at the the film’s studio in Gdansk, Poland, until August 2016.


Loving Vincent is a biopic about Van Gogh’s life and mysterious death. The film is in the works, and the film will be made entirely of animated paintings in Vincent’s swirling style.

In one of the last letters artist Vincent van Gogh ever wrote, he proclaimed: “The truth is, we cannot speak other than by our paintings.” Today, a group of filmmakers, artists and hardcore van Gogh devotees are taking the artist’s words quite seriously.

Jacob Gallegos

Jacob Gallegos is an artist, father, writer, actor and avid comic book reader.

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