The year: 2120. Following a failed last-ditch effort to combat the effects of global climate change, humanity descends into a new ice age. Nations collapse, resources are increasingly scarce, and small pockets of civilization struggle to survive. As a mercenary hired by Citadel Security, you must protect one of the last colonies in the wastelands of old Russia from violent raiders, marauders, and horrifying creatures. ARKTIKA.1 has been built on the acclaimed 4A Engine and delivers a post-apocalyptic experience unlike any other on Oculus™ Touch. With breathtaking detail and superior shooting mechanics, ARKTIKA.1 is on a fast course to redefine the scope and graphical fidelity of VR first-person shooters.

ARKTIKA.1: MY NAME IS VIKTORIA (eBook companion)
Published by Del Rey Books, the ARKTIKA.1 eBook companion ARKTIKA.1: My Name is Viktoria will also be released on October 10.

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ARKTIKA.1 is set to arrive on October 10 and will be compatible with Oculus™ Touch. The game can be pre-ordered today for $26.99 – 10% off the retail price. Pre-Order here:

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