Linelight is an appropriately-named puzzle game that is based upon a simple question. “What if we reduce a video game to its simplest form?” The answer oddly enough, is a frivolous astral trip into the first dimension.

You play as Dash, a linelight tasked with navigating within a growing world of lines and collecting stars. It takes the basic stuff you would expect from a puzzle game and then builds onto them. It starts you off pretty simple. Keys that go to locked doors, lights that will destroy you if touched and switches that will change the position of certain paths. Then it begins morphing those features into a continuous stream of puzzles.

Dont let the “simple” fool you. Each stage introduces a new mechanic, which then gets added to the roster of all the other ones you have begun to familiarize yourself with. Bringing something new to the table and creating harder puzzles to work out.

Linelight is $9.99 and now avaliable for download on PC, XBOX and PS4

Nathan Stewart

Nathan is a video game addict and Star Wars fanatic. He likes to rise up, especially daily.

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