Suffocating For Science!

Anoxemia is a 2D story driven underwater adventure filled with puzzles, danger and a sense of urgency to finish one man’s mission.

Dr. Bailey is a scientist tasked with collecting samples in a contaminated area of the ocean. After losing contact with the surface his submarine crashes. Stranded in the deep with nothing but a diving suit, a damaged oxygen tank and his drone (ATMA), he decides to carry out his mission.

Control ATMA and Dr. Bailey through dark waters, finding upgrades and dynamite to progress through the twisted caverns of each level. Avoid abandoned war mines and other dangers hidden in the deep.

Not really my cup of tea (who am I kidding, I drink beer not tea). For fans of swimming and puzzle games.

Anoxemia $7.99 and is available on PC, PS4 & XBOX.

Nathan Stewart

Nathan is a video game addict and Star Wars fanatic. He likes to rise up, especially daily.

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