We arrived at the theater early. Not only were we excited to watch the finale of one of our favorite shows at our local theater, but this was our first time attending a Fathom Events screening. Early was a good choice. The previews for the upcoming Russian Ballet Fathom Events trailers were quite breathtaking. And without too much in the way of trailers, the show got started.

Watching Sherlock on the big screen was fantastic. Beats a handheld tablet or loud living room any day. The production on the show is just as┬ásuperb as the acting and the writing…. The twists and turns and clues and mind games are a normal part of each new chapter in the Sherlock TV show, but to see it play out in the theater was a real treat.

Without giving away too many spoilers, it was interesting to see the Holmes siblings forming into three personas right in front of our eyes. Sherlock, the sociopath, Mycroft, the genius, and Euros, the psychopath. How does Watson fit in? Why, he’s the moral soldier, of course.

This finale was just as good as the three prior season finale episodes, but what made this outing particularly exciting was the bonus featurette we were treated to that was about Mary Watson. Amanda Abbington retells stories on how she got the part, what it was like to not only be brought into a show that had become a world-wide phenomenon, but her experiences working with the other cast and crew. She took us down memory lane with her favorite episodes and moments filming the show and ended with a heart-warming goodbye because Mary Watson “quite literally went out with a bang.”

Sherlock: Highly recommended.
Fathom Events: Worth every penny.

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