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Heela and I arrived on time and were as excited as the nearly packed house to watch the Nevada Conservatory Theatre’s most recent offering. Las Vegas visitors and tourists looking for a show without the hefty strip prices with the same level of enjoyment should definitely check it out.

Based on Ovid’s transformation myths, Metamorphoses subtly mixes ancient stories of pathos and tragedy with contemporary language, humor, and thought. While the show is not too risqué in costume or content, be warned one of the vignettes is based on Ovid’s story of Myrrha and her incestuous passion for her own father, Cinyras. Parents: discretion is advised. Use this chance to get out to the theatre as a date night instead!

There were truly funny performances by the cast, and the production design was fantastic. All in all, the show was worth every penny. Bravo to all of the undergrad and graduate students who were a part of the cast.

Here’s playwright Mary Zimmerman talking about her inspiration for incorporating water into this play.

Here’s NCT Art Director talking about all of the work that went into incorporating the water into the venue at UNLV.

Once this show is done there will be two really amazing productions coming to NCT this year that will surely be amazing as well:

Disgraced (You can read an article here about the NY production here)


Peter Pan

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