I’m what you would call a Tower Junkie. I’ve read the series and the comic many-a times. I have a Rose tattoo, a Ka tattoo and a Horn of Eld tattoo. I shot my own DT fan film in 2014. I’ve read 80% of everything Stephen King has ever written, and next to the Talisman series (which is connected to the DT universe), The Dark Tower is my all time favorite yarn from sai King.

While you might have seen reviews ripping the new film apart, I want you to know I disagree with every single one. They seem to either be way too serious about a FICTIONAL WORLD that doesn’t exist, with characters that were made up in order to make the author income OR they’re Casual Constant Readers who have a pitiful understanding of the series and how the novels ended.

I am 100% ok with the movie, and 100% ok with people hating it. I can see why fans don’t like it, but I don’t agree with any of them.

Was it Fury Road good? Of course not! (The¬†Matthew Mcconaughey casting wasn’t quite right)

Did I enjoy it? Yes! Immensely. This was a GOOD adaptation folks. Way better than Batman v Superman or Suicide Squad. 100%.

This was not the “Last Air Bender” flop everyone is pretending it is. In my mind, this is a hundred million loops after the novel’s time through this journey. So all the changes make perfect sense to me.

I applaud the filmmakers for making this feel like a one-off adventure and not a way to try to explain the entire DT universe in one go.


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