Without giving away tons and tons of spoilers, here’s what we thought of the new Snyder superhero film: Casual Superhero movie goers will absolutely love this film while die hard fanboys might hate it more than they did Man of Steel.

Jesse Eisenberg is annoying and not at all a good casting for Lex Luthor, Ben Afflek was way better as Batman than anyone on the internet could have predicted and Wonder Woman stole the damn show.

So, how did our fan theories do?

WRONG: There was Robin’s suit, but no Jason Todd, and no Joker. It must be a foreshadowing of movies to come.

RIGHT: Doomsday is the actual final battle.

RIGHT (sort of): Aquaman is in the film, although his role, as well as that of the Flash and Cyborg, are just short cameos…a setup for future films. Which is good…with the amount of heroes and villains that were hinted at we almost had a Rami’s Spiderman 3 issue where one two hour film had too many characters and not enough time for fleshing out back stories or subplots.

Final verdict?

Entertaining movie with excellent fight scenes and NOT as many villains and bad guys as we assumed (thank the heavens).

Shahab Zargari

Shahab is a filmmaker, father and a huge geek.

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