When you think of Moon Knight there is a chance that you might accidentally slip on Batman’s cowl. The reason for this is because there are a lot of similarities between the Marvel vigilante and the DC soldier of the night.

Moon Knight: From the Dead by Warren Ellis gives you a clear picture of the differences between the two and also shows the transformation of Marc Spector from the cheesy 80’s B rated hero to the Schizophrenic mad man suffering from a not so mild case of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

Within this 46 page graphic novel you see a small glimpse into the muddle world of an ex-mercenary solider with a very tragic back story, and a small dash of mythology, that being an avatar for an Egyptian god. Dressing in all white and wanting to be visually noticed gives a more surreal approach to the whole “you run, I chase” attitude, making sure every victim sees him coming.

I feel that Marvel hired Ellis to do this story because they wanted more self contained stories within a single graphic novel, allowing the reader to jump in at any time during the six issues without having an uncannily over-flowing plot. Whether you are a longtime fan or you are very new to the character, Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey and Marvel Comics truly allow you as the reader to stay gripped and visually stunned through-out the six stories by means of bizarre mysteries and classic crime noir tales.

These outlets show you as the reader how a deranged hero tries to save a city that is just as demented as he is, allowing you not to fall in love with the character, but rather to appreciate him for who he reallyis, a killer but a vigilante—the true Dark Knight.

Jacob Gallegos

Jacob Gallegos is an artist, father, writer, actor and avid comic book reader.

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