Wrestling to some may be fake, but that never stopped my brother and I from watching it. From Jake the Snake Roberts to Rick the model Martel all the way to the Repo man, we loved it. The storylines, the heroes, the villains, and the monthly PPV’s that set our parents back $60. As we got older the tradition never stopped. We still attend PPV’s we still chat about certain storylines and we still exchange our love for the sport. When Lucha Mexico was given to me to review, I was beyond excited to sit down and dive into Mexico’s brand of professional wrestling, where the athletes are looked at as Superheroes and explore one of the most beloved traditions of Mexican culture.

Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz did a sensational job introducing us to the stars of Lucha Libre.

The movie dives into the lifestyle of each wrestler presented. How they train, how the live, signing autographs, spending time with their families and life after the ring. A simple formula for documentaries similar to this one, but Alex and Ian do a stunning job retailing this to their audience. Showing us the power these individuals have and how they influence men, women, kids and even countries. The film shows how fans idolize their superheroes, but it’s not so glamorous for the wrestlers themselves. We get introduced to a wrestler named, Shocker, who adopted the catchphrase 1,000 percent guapo, meaning handsome. We also get introduced to Blue Demon Jr., who is following in his father’s footsteps. Strongman, an American wrestler has traveled to take work where it’s offered. LUCHA MEXICO goes behind the mask and explores one of the most cherished traditions of Mexican culture.

A must see if you are a fan of wrestling.

Lucha Mexico is being released in theaters and on iTunes on Friday, July 15, playing in cities across the country, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston, among others.

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