After Jokers impending doom in Death in the Family, an entire year has passed since we’ve seen the Jester of Genocide in any DC titles. In the 2013 best selling comic, Death in the Family, Joker attempts to kill Alfred, Damien (Bruce Wayne’s Son), Jason Todd (Red Hood) and Dick Grayson (Nightwing).

This page turner leads you to Joker and Batman squaring off yet again and after Batman successfully turns Jokers face into jelly, the demented clown is left hanging over the deep nothingness of a caved underworld. Batman having quite a soft spot for Mister J, he attempts to save the super villain, but the Joker chooses his inevitable plummet into the darkness.

Now, after a year of no Joker, he will return scarier and crazier than ever, with a new motive: hating only Batman and wanting to bury him. The Prince of Crime will be a stranger to the DC universe. With a new look and a new agenda of murder, chaos and darkness, Scott Synder promises this time around our Super Villain will be presented in a highly flavored and rugged tale that might change the Batman story line for good.

Jacob Gallegos

Jacob Gallegos is an artist, father, writer, actor and avid comic book reader.

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