Another Evil is a fun tale of what happens when your house is haunted and you have to try and purify it.

I liked how the film had a sense of realism without losing its comedic charm. The witty humor lives within the relationships of the characters more than in gags, so if you are looking for a slapstick comedy like Scary Movie you have come to the wrong place.

This film was funny, and I enjoyed it, but at no point was I on the floor rolling. I do think the format worked well for this film because people who like horror and suspense will get just as much out of it as comedy buffs.

The lead is played by Steve Zissis, his work on the HBO show Togetherness is great so I was excited to see him. His performance in this film is just as well done as the show. He’s very real and his natural awkwardness definitely adds to the feel of the character.

The supporting cast is great as well. You will definitely recognize most of them, as they have been around for a while on some of the best comedic and dramatic shows and films (too many to mention). Even when some of them aren’t necessarily the strongest actors they are playing roles that just fit. Whoever did the casting deserves an award.

The story really revolves around how Steve’s character tries to get rid of the spirits haunting his vacation home behind his wife’s back. When he hires his “ghost buster” you get a movie that resembles cable guy (without the Jim Carey’s antics).

My only complaint is that there are moments where the writer took the easy way out, especially in regards to the ending. I’m still not exactly sure what I got out of the ending other than you shouldn’t lie to your wife or string a guy desperate for friends along just to get what you want. But I guess that is a good lesson, so who am I to complain.

All in all I give this film one laughing face and once smiley face. Definitely worth a watch especially if you are into horror films and/or comedy.

Shahram Zargari

Shahram Zargari is an award-winning writer of books, articles and screenplays. He's also a HUGE sci fi nerd. If he tells you any different be suspicious. You might be talking to an evil clone.

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