This isn’t a fan theory about a film or comic, but rather our favorite conspiracy theory explaining the large number of Mandela Effect paradoxes that have been noted as of late.

Some theories consist of Back to the Future 2 style alternate universes, and how if you have a certain memory then you must be from the original timeline. Others feel like Einstein’s infinite number of alternate universes are somehow criss-crossing with each other. Another theory is the actual definition of Mandela Effect where large masses of people have an incorrect memory of something that never was.

The following screenshots are from a 4Chan board where an Anonymous user supposedly spills the beans on what is actually going on: The earth as we know it was destroyed in 2012 (connecting quite nicely with the Mayan Calendar prediction?) and all of our minds were uploaded to an earth-like simulation for study.

The thread is a little bit NSFW, so be wary, but we love this because the other users play a pretty hard devil’s advocate during the entire exchange. Anytime the posts are highlighted that is to emphasize which Anon account is in fact the one who is clue-ing us in to what’s going on.

Whether the conversation here is simply the stuff of science fiction imagination or the real deal, this here is our favorite Fan Theory as to why people have begun noticing things that aren’t quite the way they remember them.

Click into each image and view them at 100% size.

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