The film was shot in 4:3 aspect ratio, but presented here in 16:9.

Audio and 720p video rip was from from purchased 2004 Ewok Double Feature DVD (instagram.com/p/BXO-UDSBRHY/), upscaled to 1080p.

New edit details:
Original run-time: 1:36 – Shahab’s edit run-time 1:19

Aside from shuffling scenes around in order to achieve a more fulfilling and less boring storyline with no vague subplots (moved the opening sequence from the original edit into the middle of the film, as an example, to be presented in a flashback style) and deleting most of the sub-par acting these are the major changes:

-Cut out all voiceovers

-Slowed film down by 4% in order to give gravity to certain situations but more importantly make Mace sound more like he’s 14 and not 9. That kid had such a wimpy whiny voice!!

-Cut the opening hang glider scene where the father Ewok looks for his missing two sons: unnecessary

-Cut out all Llamas, Rabbits, Ferrets, Owls and a silly tree-puppet close-up

-When the werewolf creature has the siblings caught in a hollow tree, somehow they fall asleep for a few hours until they hear fighting again–cut this out: unnecessary

-Cut the scene where Wickett scares the horse causing it to run away until the ewoks can catch it again before they continue to caravan: unnecessary

-After the fairy dance the caravan eats and goes to sleep again, cut this: unnecessary

-On the way to Gorax, Cendel peaks out from her horse buggy, cut this: unnecessary

-Removed all instances of the giant spider puppet’s visible strings

-Deleted the Spider attacking Wickett and Cendel: unnecessary

-Deleted Mace saying goodbye to his fairy friend: unnecessary

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